Blackcurrant Performance is a 100% natural supplement harnessing the powerful benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants. One single pure ingredient packed with antioxidants, anthocyanins, Vitamin C, and healthy lipids and fats to enhance PERFORMANCE, speed up RECOVERY, and increase IMMUNITY and LONGEVITY.







We think we're pretty great, but don't take our word for it. People who try us love us!

As an athlete I am vigilant with my nutrition, training and recovery and feel there is always an ability to improve. I started taking Blackcurrant Performance to help build my immune system and support recovery as i had heard how high it was in vitamin C and antioxidants. Within a couple of weeks I was receiving compliments of how vibrant my skin looked. I also noticed how quickly I was recovering not only between sessions but between sets. I have just completed a 33 week body building competition prep and it is the healthiest, strongest and fittest I have ever felt. Blackcurrant Performance is so versatile too and I use it in my morning smoothies, in pancakes and during winter as a warm drink before bed. It is now part of my daily routine and I am so grateful to have found it.

Coach Kerry

I have just finished an exhilarating session in the surf and the 💯 pure blackcurrant powder goes down really well leaving me feeling revived and refreshed with the best chance of physical recovery and most importantly… ready to go again. I take it daily and have found it to be the edge, the advantage I was looking for to perform better and recover the way I need to in this really physical sport.

Alex Turner

I found taking the Blackcurrant Powder prior to exercising helped specifically with recovery. I wasn’t as sore after a workout where previously it would take a few days to fully get over the lactic acid build-up. The DOM soreness was reduced significantly. Another thing I noticed is, usually when I am exercising harder, I find I get run down and tend to develop a cold, but whilst taking BCP and increasing my exercise I did not develop any cold symptoms at all. And the only difference was this daily dose! That’s two huge wins in my books!

Fiona Davis