how it started


A scientist, sports commentator, wellness expert and rugby player might seem like an odd group of business partners, but we all have one thing in common, we love moving our bodies and staying strong, fit and healthy. We’ve each walked (or rather, run) different life paths but we’ve all arrived at the same place seeking the same natural, pure support for our bodies and active lives. That’s the great thing about Blackcurrant Performance, it can be used by everyone no matter what their sport or exercise of choice might be.

We’re excited to share this naturally powerful product with you. This isn’t something we’ve created – it’s been created by nature’s evolutionary genius, which we can all benefit from now. 

We welcome you on this journey with us and hope that, like us, you too can feel stronger, fitter, healthier and more vibrant.

Don’t let life pass you by, keep moving, keep striving and keep smiling.

Greg, Danny, Kim, Jakob, Tayla & Sam
Founders, Blackcurrant Performance



Dr Greg Clark –
scientist and marathon runner

Meet Greg Clark – PhD, plant enthusiast, and part-time racehorse guinea pig! Greg's journey began at Massey University in New Zealand, where he dove deep into the world of plant stress (sounds stressful, right?) and emerged in 2005 with a shiny PhD in Plant Biology.

Not one to stay put, Greg jet-setted to Germany, where he spent time at the Max Planck Institute, mingling with molecules and unraveling the secrets of plant physiology.

Danny Morrison –
sports commentator and former international cricket player

Danny Morrison, known as a pint-sized powerhouse of New Zealand cricket! Though he might not have been the tallest on the field, his spirit soared higher than the tallest of skyscrapers. Stepping into Richard Hadlee's shoes as New Zealand's leading strike bowler, Danny brought a unique slingy style and a wicked outswinger to the game. Throughout the early '90s, he was the heart and soul of the team, bowling with flair and a touch of mischief.

In one-day matches, he was a wizard with a craftily hidden slower ball and a knack for accuracy that left batters baffled. When Danny was in his element, swinging the ball with gusto, he was a sight to behold!

Kim Morrison –
wellbeing expert, aromatherapist and former international ultra-marathon runner

Kim Morrison is not just any author; she's a five-time best-seller and an award-winning trailblazer, helming the innovative Twenty8 Essentials. She's a wizard in aromatherapy, a guru in health and lifestyle, and a mastermind in NLP, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. But wait, there's more! Kim juggles her bustling professional life with her roles as a devoted wife to former NZ cricket star Danny Morrison, and a super mum to a ballerina now Pilates master and a professional rugby player. This dynamo didn't just play netball into her 40s; she dominated it! And if running 100 miles in under 24 hours as the youngest woman ever sounds crazy, that's because it is – and Kim did it with flair in her early 20s. She even waved the Aussie flag high at the world indoor 24-hour championships in the UK in 1990, smashing 8 Australian records.

Jakob Morrison –
elite athlete and entrepreneur

Jakob Morrison, at just 24, is a dynamo on the rugby field and a visionary off it! A specialist scrum half, Jakob's journey is nothing short of a high-speed chase after a dream. Starting at Brisbane Boys Grammar, he quickly sprinted his way through the ranks to Souths Rugby, catching the eye of the Sevens selectors with his lightning-quick plays. Currently, he's making waves at the elite GPS club.

In 2022, Jakob added an international flair to his portfolio, playing for the Southland Stags in the NZ NPC.

Sam Cronin
professional football player

With a lifelong passion for football, Sam now 28, embarked on a journey that saw him rise through the ranks of the sport. At the age of 14, he earned a coveted spot in the Queensland Academy of Sport, showcasing his talent on the field. By 17, Sam had signed with the Brisbane Roar Youth team, marking the beginning of a promising career in football.

Over nearly a decade, Sam honed his football skills in the Queensland National Premier League, leaving an indelible mark on the local football scene. Parallel to his athletic pursuits, he pursued academic excellence, earning a degree in Spatial Science majoring in surveying.

Tayla Morrison
Head of Reformer Pilates and Personal Trainer

Tayla Morrison, 25, is a dynamic force at the intersection of dance, fitness, and mental well-being. A former professional ballerina who graced stages in Germany and France, she returned to Australia in 2020 and seamlessly transitioned into a role as the Head of Reformer Pilates and Personal Trainer at Project Reform in Brisbane. Simultaneously pursuing her counselling degree, Tayla, armed with a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming, is passionate about exploring the intricate connections between the mind and body. 







We think we're pretty great, but don't take our word for it. People who try us love us!

As an athlete I am vigilant with my nutrition, training and recovery and feel there is always an ability to improve. I started taking Blackcurrant Performance to help build my immune system and support recovery as i had heard how high it was in vitamin C and antioxidants. Within a couple of weeks I was receiving compliments of how vibrant my skin looked. I also noticed how quickly I was recovering not only between sessions but between sets. I have just completed a 33 week body building competition prep and it is the healthiest, strongest and fittest I have ever felt. Blackcurrant Performance is so versatile too and I use it in my morning smoothies, in pancakes and during winter as a warm drink before bed. It is now part of my daily routine and I am so grateful to have found it.

Coach Kerry

I have just finished an exhilarating session in the surf and the 💯 pure blackcurrant powder goes down really well leaving me feeling revived and refreshed with the best chance of physical recovery and most importantly… ready to go again. I take it daily and have found it to be the edge, the advantage I was looking for to perform better and recover the way I need to in this really physical sport.

Alex Turner

I found taking the Blackcurrant Powder prior to exercising helped specifically with recovery. I wasn’t as sore after a workout where previously it would take a few days to fully get over the lactic acid build-up. The DOM soreness was reduced significantly. Another thing I noticed is, usually when I am exercising harder, I find I get run down and tend to develop a cold, but whilst taking BCP and increasing my exercise I did not develop any cold symptoms at all. And the only difference was this daily dose! That’s two huge wins in my books!

Fiona Davis